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  1. I'm not liking the results so far, apparently the numbers have been much better than expected for leave. Still super early though so some surprisingly good results in other places can easily offset that.

    1. I saw that too. Talk about a swan dive! Yeikes. The Brits had better hope the Stays have it, or they are going to take a major beating in the market tomorrow (and very likely for some stretch in the future too). Of course, the euro would also suffer too.

      1. I heard an analysis on one of the (Public) radio shows today which stated that it would take years to unbind Britain's economy from the EU. Brussels has every incentive to make that process as prolonged, bureaucratic and painful as possible, both to dissuade "leave" votes from other members and to punish the Brits. So, yes, things would be chaotic and awful for years.

        My thought is: what did the Brexit people expect would happen?

        1. Far as I can tell, they expected those scary immigrants to stop immigrating (which is ridiculous, because they won't have a youge, classy wall). Beyond that, I'm not sure they thought the rest through at all. The leap-first-figure-out-the-strategy-on-the-way-down approach reminds me of a certain segment of American voters, though.

          1. This tweet from a few days ago sums it up nicely:


            THE ENTIRE GODDAMNED WORLD FROM LIKE 1583 to 1997: u don't say

  2. I'm seeing them talking about how leave is now a slight favorite. Come on, London, pull this one out for remain.

    1. I was watching the Sky News live feed on Roku just now, and they had some breakdowns of exit polling — apparently colllege-educated Brits favored Remain by a WIDE margin, and the older the voter, the more likely they were to vote Leave.

    1. The duck living on my pond had babies int he spring and now I have Mama Duck and five very loud Teenage Ducks living behind my house. Would you like me to record the noise? It's very similar, but times 6.

  3. You wonder how the United Kingdom can get through a travail like this without Tweety or Wolf Blitzer.

    Oh wait, they have Piers Morgan back, plus that "royal watcher" asshole whose name escapes me now. He's a tweaker, too. Richard something….

  4. NYT is showing 50.5% stay—pardon me, "remain"— as of 6:31 PST, based on 53 out of 382 "counting areas." So quaint, those Brits.

  5. Josh Marshall at TPM commented this afternoon [ http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/my-thoughts-o… ]
    He refers to an interesting article in The Irish Times by Fintan O'Toole [ http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/fintan-o-… ]
    suggesting (among other things) that the UK itself could split apart over this.

    This came after John Judis had written earlier about Jeremy Corbyn and Labor. [ http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/brexit ]

    I'll leave it to those more familiar with the UK and the issues than I …

  6. wow, us instant gratification Americians would have a fit if the Nov stuff took this long here. Shades of 2000 (shudder)

  7. @AndrewSparrow

    84 #EUref results in – Experts 2,877,575 (50.01%) / Bloke in the pub 2,876,697 (49.99%)

  8. I'm going to eat dinner and grind a mirror for half an hour. This is like watching paint dry, but with funny commentary from you all.

  9. Rhondda Cynon Taf

    Remain 53,973 (46.30%)
    Leave 62,590 (53.70%)
    Leave maj 8,617 (7.39%)
    Electorate 172,877; Turnout 116,563 (67.43%)

    1. Marx thought the workers of the world would unite, forgetting about nationalism. We're all just a bunch of parochial fucks.

    1. He was so fat when he died he wouldn't fit in the Royal Coffin. When they tried to stuff His Majesty in, he exploded.

      True story! It's on the Google!

  10. Dover has not reported its results yet. They are expected to arrive 1 hour ago.


  11. Nigel Farage is a horrible person.

    Nigel Farage said Leave had won the #euref "without a shot being fired"

    Well, you know, except Jo Cox, who died because of a gunshot.

    1. To be fair, hasn't Sinn Fein been calling for that forever?

      Edit: also: yeah, Scotland really got a shit sandwich, voting to stay with GB and now…this

  12. Remain needs to win the remaining districts by about 21 points on average to come back. Yeah, this is over.

  13. OK, I ground another 8cc of glass out of the mirror, I have my picked herring, and I'm ready to embrace the future!

    1. Sounds about right- along with him saying that Hillz plan to keep us there is just an extension of Bamz' failed policies.

  14. So far, looks like N Ireland and Scotland could leave the UK, Dutch agitating to also have vote on leaving EU, expect more.

  15. I just noticed that the presenter on BBC Online is wearing a shark pattern tie. Maybe not the most appropriate choice for this evening.

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    I don't think I've ever wanted magic more.

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