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How Much Does This NYT Writer Hate/Resent/Envy Trump’s Press Secretary, Hope Hicks?

40 thoughts on “How Much Does This NYT Writer Hate/Resent/Envy Trump’s Press Secretary, Hope Hicks?

  1. Ms. Hicks, a onetime champion lacrosse player who signed a Ford modeling contract as a teenager, had never worked in politics before last year, and her widest exposure had been as a co-star in a Nickelodeon children’s television special about golf. Now she plays confidante and sometime gatekeeper to the presumptive Republican nominee for president and, improbably, serves as Mr. Trump’s sole liaison to the teeming national press corps….She was commuting from an apartment she shared with her sister in Greenwich, Conn., above the dive bar where her father had his first beer at 18. Suddenly, she found herself a near-constant presence by Mr. Trump’s side, flying in his jet, living rent-free in a Trump-owned apartment and attending to his mercurial moods. She is arguably the least credentialed press secretary in the modern history of presidential politics.

      1. Ms. Hicks remained in her role even as Mr. Trump fired Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager and another early member of his team.

        Mr. Lewandowski and Ms. Hicks are close friends: He has visited her family in Greenwich for pick-me-up dinners and, days after Mr. Trump clinched the Republican nomination (and fired a key political aide),they took in a Hall & Oates concert with her parents in the V.I.P. tent at the Greenwich Town Party.

        The V.I. fucking P. tent! At the Greenwich Town Party!

      2. Please, for the love of Christ, tell me you were being sarcastic and you guys aren't this jaw-droppingly sexist. (Sorry, not quite awake, this is a joke and not an invasion by incel reddit trolls, right?)

        1. I think we're trying to illustrate that that reporter is sexist, or should practice equal opportunity stupidity reporting on Trump and his staff.

          Good morning!

          1. You weren't joking? Holy shit. No Just no. Writing about how Hope Hicks is clearly unqualified for her job, and barely does it. is not grounds to make creepy weirdo remarks about the reporter's sex life. Yikes. Stop that. Gross.

          2. Hear hear. Amazing how some people can make it all the way to adulthood without acquiring appropriate filters before expressing thoughts that maybe they should have grown out of once they were no longer juveniles.

          3. Hope it wasn't me who ran you off. If so I'm sorry. I miss those poetry recommendations. And the wit.

          4. WTF? The reporter was a guy. I can make comments all day long about a guy not getting laid.

          5. As OP, I'd like to point out that what appealed to me about this story was the reporter's transparent resentment that this Princess of Privilege landed herself the kind of job to which many ordinary reporters probably aspire. "Them as has, gits," in other words, and that's pretty much my view of the world too. Until reading glass' comment I didn't even notice that the reporter was a dude. Being similarly equipped I can also well imagine the additional dollop of envy stemming from the fact that Ms Hicks is an attractive young woman of the type Trump loves to objectify.

            And I think that's what glass was joking about. Not that he needs me to defend him.

          6. Hicks was working as a minor PR person for Ivanka's handbag line when she plucked for this position, where she does not do the duties that normally one would do in that job, but only turns down all interview requests and transcribes Trump's tweets for someone else to actually tweet. The one time they let her email something, she sent it to an AP reporter instead of a staffer. It was not envy that caused people to question why she has this job.

          7. Hicks is underqualified and laughable but if she were a he and had exactly the same life trajectory, i.e., teen romance novel modeling job and all, it would never had come up on the Times' radar to frame a story in quite this way or for commenters to sexualize the reporter's interest in creepy ways. Instead, if it were written about at all, it would be framed in terms of something along the lines of: what business acumen does Trump recognize in this young man with the modeling background, etc., and people would totally just accept that. It wouldn't occur to people to reduce the paper's interest in covering a him to a booty call.

          8. Well of course she would, she's obsessed with Clinton sexytime. If you are saying that making a point about reflexive gender bias is invalid because of something that Maureen Dowd wrote then great, thanks for the tip.

          9. "…. it would never had come up on the Times' radar to frame a story in quite this way or for commenters to sexualize the reporter's interest in creepy ways."

          10. What's your point? Are you saying that what Shel and I are calling out is invalid? We're wrong to say what we said? It's not invalid and you know it. MoDo is an idiot. Really, it seems like you're putting in a lot of effort into being a contrarian about what should be an obvious point. Of all the responses you could make you chose to challenge what is patently obvious – that people creep out on women in print. You know I think the world of you, but for chrissakes have the consideration to not waste my energy expecting me to respond to junk like that. Shel has a very good point below, too, which you also might want to consider.

          11. We, except for you and shel, crack wise about people's sexual proclivities all the time. I think it's bullshit to call out glass for this.

          12. Good. Because otherwise I'd have to think you're a total pathetic dickbag who thinks he gets to dictate what other people post, and that woukd be silly.

          13. MoDo is an oped columnist. One can comment on someone's opinion. This was not written by an oped columnist but was a news article, one that has been covered in other publications. Pointing out that Hicks job tenure is hinky and shady says nothing about any particular reporter's sexual proclivities, and it's weird and creepy to imply it. Covering the news does not mean that either you tried and failed to sleep with the subject (if we believe that these guys knew it was a male reporter, which.. questionable) or that you are just jealous that this underqualified person is pretty and you don't get enough action. Either construct is creepy and weird.

      1. "Honey, could you open this jar,? I just can't seem to get it"

        "Of course, dear. Happy to help the Best Husband in the World!"

          1. Ten bucks says she's juicing- but I bet she still can't hit high heat. Also, Hope looks like a young Maria Shriver in that pic.

        1. Have to wait and see where her sympathies lie. " Her ancestry includes English, French, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh"

  2. Reporters praise Ms. Hicks for her poise amid a chaotic campaign. But some say that she can be unresponsive to questions, a habit so pervasive that it spawned a mocking, anonymous Twitter account, @HicksNoComment.

    That explains a lot about the press coverage of the Trump campaign FFS…

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