18 thoughts on “Overheard at Trump Tower This Morning: “Uh-oh…”

  1. If Brexit has taught us anything, it's that we must leave nothing to chance. No complacency for us libs, we must keep pushing. Plus, I'd like to see Turnip go in the books as the losing'est loser in the history of elections.

    1. Heard on BBC R4 this morning (Young 18-24 yr old): "Me and my friends were all for Remain, but we figured we were way ahead, you know, so we didn't vote."

          1. Srsly. You know the folks who aren't voting demrat are mad as hell and will come out in droves, so we need to as well. Don't leave this to chance.

        1. Another "voter interview" on BBC, this time with a middle aged person who voted Leave:
          "It was more of a protest vote because years ago I voted one way and it turned out the other."

          BBC: "Did you think it would turn out this way?"

          Person: "No. No I didn't."

    2. Also, don't run a negative campaign and try to scare everyone into voting for you. (See also the EU Referendum)

  2. There is also little evidence that Trump is winning over Democratic primary voters. On the campaign trail in recent weeks, Trump has made direct appeals to disaffected supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). But the poll finds that just 8 percent of voters who backed Sanders in the primaries say they support Trump, down from 20 percent in May.

    Good–I'm glad to see that my neighbors are coming to their senses (the area where I live looked like Bernie's HQ for a while there.)

    The poll found that 62 percent of Republicans or Republican-leaning independents want GOP leaders to speak out against Trump when they disagree with his views, while 35 percent think they should avoid criticizing him.

    Are you listening, Paul Ryan? No?

    …WTF, don't listen. Works for me!

    <img src="https://media1.giphy.com/media/xT9DPlQR6ZTZFj3exi/200.gif"&gt;

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