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      1. Greatest golf-themed "rock" video ever! I presume that's teen heart-throb Freddie Bell in the canteloupe-colored-cardigan?

    1. RELEVANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      "From the 1964 Panavision teen movie, "Get Yourself A College Girl". State Senator Willard Waterman is one uptight dude, but a politician with his ear to the ground. In danger of losing his election he decides to go to a ski resort to see what the youth of today are all about. Music publisher Chad Everett and coed/songwriter Mary Ann Mobley are ready to show him as well."

      1. Fun fact apropos the other vids that show up on that one: Antonio Carlos Jobim was the king of bossa nova, wrote many beloved songs. His wife was Astrud Gilberto, and when they hooked up with star jazz sax player Stan Getz to make an American-marketable album, she dumped Gilberto for Getz. She'd never sung before doing two songs on the resulting album, including "The Girl from Ipanema."

        But it would be hard not to fall in love with a woman who sang to you like that.

    1. But not old like me! (Don't worry, I will still blame any and all congenital defects in our future horde of children on you, not my expired sperm.)

  1. We had the guts to one in a hall closet. Dad was a Seeburg mechanic when he got home from Korea, and sometimes bar jukeboxes got trashed.

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