Regrexit petition now has more than a quarter million signatures and rising

22 thoughts on “Regrexit petition now has more than a quarter million signatures and rising

  1. haha, and according to the map in the link, it looks like most of the signatures are coming from the areas that voted to leave.

    1. So 2,666 votes in just the past half-hour, in the middle of the night Greenwich time. I bet it rises even faster tomorrow.

    2. Now it's at 2,694,473, so it's gained 4,211 in 35 minutes (I just happen to have that previous window open, and now, with it rising so fast, I think I'm gonna just keep it open – fun.)

    3. haha, I'll stop now, but now it's gained more than 5,000 more votes since I posted this 37 minutes ago…

  2. Rosco

    @realDonaldTrump we never got our country back, we wanted to remain, bolt ya hamster heedit bampot, away and boil yer napper

      1. [ that was @ B juice ] Was just at the Front Page, it seems the Scots are having a naming competition. Great stuff.

        1. polyester cockwomble; weaselheaded fucknugget; tiny fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon…witless fucking cocksplat! Mangled apricot hellbeast! SPOON! [as in: Too dumb to be allowed the use of a fork].


          1. Really awesome. I hope he visits Hungary next. They're pretty damn good: "Lick out my asshole, you syphilitic pimp", etc…

  3. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also rejected the idea of a second referendum, saying: "We have got to accept that decision."


    1. Get back to me when they reach 17.2 million. Oh, that's right. we already had a referendum – one of the highest turnouts ever.

      Democracy in action. 😉

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