148 thoughts on “Juno “feel the burn” livebloog

  1. Fuck, I'm watching NasaTV on my Roku via wireless internet and it's gone into 'loading' about 4 times already.

    1. I finally have a decent internet connection, fiber to within about 200 meters of my house. So far good connection.

      1. The Phone Company. They had a beautiful system, but if they hadn't got addicted to charging you $1.75/month for a long handset cord, there'd be no such thing as "cable TV" or "the internet."

  2. "Radiation! You hear the most outrageous lies about it! Half-baked goggle-box do-gooder telling everyone it's bad? Pernicious nonsense! Everyone could stand to have 50 chest x rays a year…and they ought to have them, too."

  3. How come all the minorities and women are relegated to PR? I wonder if Larry Sommers has any thoughts on this matter.

  4. Looking over the orbits they're going to put it into, seems they will avoid the worst part of the Van Halen Allen Belts…

  5. If these people were a Star Fleet crew the aliens would have them outwitted while they were still discussing what the warning bells meant.

    1. On the NASA page they show the last pic the spacecraft took before shutting down for insertion. Just a random snap of the Jupiter family. This Is SO FUCKING COOL.

    1. I'm liking this. In the old days solar cells weren't efficient enough to be considered as an alternative.

    2. also, they weren't nuclear reactors- they were radioisotope thermo-electric generators. Plutonium 238, alpha decay only, generates heat.

      1. I'm remembering (hazily) that the Soviets actually lofted pocked Nuke reactors up in one of their sypsat varieties. One crashed in a lake in Canada and the locals (apparently) saw the reactor sitting on the ice till it burned through.

        I need to look this up, I think.. Ah yes! | The Kosmos 954! |

  6. "The spacecraft is capable of producing 3 kilowatts per hour, since it contains over 20 cubic liters of solar cells!"

  7. 2329 EDT. I'm hoping that in 53 days, when all the instrument data and neato photos arrive it's going to be at a more comfortable time for an early rising Easterner.

    Protip: If you haven't installed | NASA's Eyes| (and you have Mac or Windows – and I think there's an Android App For That) Do. It. Now. Graphics are flat-out Awesome.

  8. Bull Shit all the instruments and cameras are off! All the instruments are committed to scanning the orbiting Monolith on this flyby.


    1. Success, actually! Good for them. Good for the idea of the human race having some purpose beyond racking up enough $$$ in the 401(k) for a comfortable retirement!

  9. I like the fact that Juno's placed into such a wildly eccentric orbit because Jupiter's close environment is such a hellhole of radiation, dust, rocks, cometary debris and furious electromagnetisim that they have to minimize the probe's exposure.

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