Christian couple at restaurant probably not voting for Clinton

23 thoughts on “Christian couple at restaurant probably not voting for Clinton

  1. "While we have no moral objections to having you serve us, we feel it is our Christian duty to stiff you on the tip and leave this preachy missive to justify our robbing you out of your time and labor. Please accept this hurtful note designed to shame you and inflict our passive-agressive brand of hate as a token of our assholishness."

    1. I hope she showed this to the manager, he/she has her back, and if these folks show up again, they will kindly be told "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone"

  2. So, in a somewhat similar vein, I live in an area with a lot of homeless folks, and inevitably get asked for "spare" change. I never give out money. I've given people rides, bought them groceries, bought them meals (but I won't buy them soda, cigs or lighters). Am I being a jerk?

        1. Got it on the bookshelf and can feel Bourdain's smugness radiating off it from across the room. I treat waitstaff the way I would like to be treated.

          There are some things, like the last time somebody disinfected the teevee remote in your hotel room, it's better not to inquire into.

  3. Asshole customers are assholes, dog bites man, etc.

    Though to be honest I have a hard time believing adult customers went through that much effort, hand-writing their own note, to be assholes. That level of work to be an asshole is generally reserved to teenagers and pre-teens.

  4. "I'm so happy I was able to serve you tonight. You read the bible much, folks? Well, there's this little passage I got memorized for folks who don't tip me- Ezekiel 25:17?…"

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