Commoner ejected from aircraft after exhibiting disrespect to HRH Princess Ivanka

9 thoughts on “Commoner ejected from aircraft after exhibiting disrespect to HRH Princess Ivanka

    1. Yes. He could have spent the entire flight tweeting about what she was up to. It would have been the last time she ever flies Jet Blue to prove she's one of the ordinary folk and the rest of us would never have to worry again about accidentally encountering her in our little lives.

  1. Personally, I would have taken a different tack. I would have loudly talked (as opposed to yelled) about how incompetent and extreme Trump's appointees are, how disgusting it is that he is pimping out the White House to serve his family's business interests, his recklessness in skipping intelligence briefings but keeping up with SNL…you get the point.

    1. This would have worked better. I think Ivanka is the one in that group that comes closest to having a soul. Also, she was traveling with her three kids? The object here would be to get her thinking, not to berate her. Gotta think long game and insight, not harassment.

    2. Starting a loud conversation about her clothing line, like, "I bought some Ivanka shoes and the heels fell off" would have been effective, also too.

      This woman has no reason to fly Jet Blue, probably has never flown it before in her life. This was a tactical move to humanize her knuckle-dragging father at the expense of the people on the flight. I hope she keeps doing this and that people do things to make her uncomfortable until she gets the idea and flies on her gold-plated Learjet like she should.

  2. Lol, They were flying in the main cabin? I thought these motherfuckers were rich. I fly in the main cabin and I'm broke as fuck.

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