25 thoughts on “Nice shot!

      1. Taft also knew how to buy a suit that actually fit him. Trump spends 12k on suits that look like he got them at Men's Warehouse. I'm broke as shit and my suits look better than his.

          1. I imagine his style will become the style for some. Presidents wardrobes have an effect on fashion. I, for one, was thrilled when JFK made it OK to not wear a hat.

          2. I remember how the teabaggers gave him such grief over wearing a brown suit that one time, which was very much like the brown suit worn by their patron saint reagan.

          3. I remember that!

            The Obamas have the patience of saints to put up with the absurdities they did. Hillary, too.

          4. Paul Ryan's suits fit badly, too, especially around the neck and the sleeve length. Like a teenager who is wearing daddy's suit to a job interview that he doesn't want to be at.

  1. I feel sorry for the tailor who has to fit a suit to that lump of clay. Looks like he'd be winded going up a flight of stairs.

  2. Upon actually looking at the photo of Tr卐mp [ of which I have reached Palin levels of avoidance ] it strikes me that [pre-swing ] he's pointing to where he wishes the ball to go; because if that is finishing a swing………..with a driver……..pathetic……the ball is rolling about ten feet in front of him.

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