15 thoughts on “Dan Savages Your D’Rat Butt

  1. Perhaps we should just quit with the trying to be nice shit, refuse to employ their terms like "ENTITLEMENTS", and bring a few more (verbal) pitch forks, torches, and baseball bats to these political discussions.

    1. You're saying Dems can't win by setting an example of polite discourse and reason-based argument about policies instead of personalities?


      1. We've let them define things like:
         typical welfare recipient: urban and black, when it is actually rural an white
         opioid deaths: urban and black, when nationwide per capita exurb/rural whites are dying at twice the rate of black

        The Ds need to beat it into their elected officials and candidates how to frame all these issues, and what terms to use. They're [ #EarnedBenefits, not entitlements. ] When his orangeness Twats something that is infantile, call it that – infantile nonsense, rather than blather-on in polite well-educate rhetoric that is tuned-out by too many as elitist bullshit. The D'Rats have really let Fux, Breitfart, and Limpblow frame how politics is to be discussed. We need to bring-out sizable titanium framing hammers and re-frame the conversation. That likely would also help to energize the base.

          1. Anything less than 32 oz is for rubber-arm wimps like me.

            Death Stick is a terrific name for a hammer. You wonder what they call a nail gun.

  2. California is not a north-south split as many people think; the divide is really coast vs. central valley.

    This has been true for at least a decade now. Go Dan!

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