29 thoughts on “You well heeled big wheel, ha ha, charade you are

  1. Smerconish (in his best Concern Troll voice): "Aren't you, like, scared Trump will yell at you for being a Liberal if you're too mean to him?

    Waters: No. You're a Wanker. The Media are all Wankers and they're Wanking us into Authoritarianism. Wake the fuck up.

    (bonus *ouking* Trump gif)

    1. Last band/duet attempt wanted to do that one. Tried it once, he was unhappy with me. Never tried it again.

      1. Really. Funny, if the missus doesn't like what I'm playing, I can switch to that, and she never tires of it.

  2. As for what Waters might say to someone who's looking for escapism rather than politics at a rock concert, the musician didn't mince his words.

    "Go see Katy Perry, you know?" he said.

    Pretty sure Katy Perry was for Hillary, so…

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