23 thoughts on “Demon Squid

        1. "There was a dissonance there. The googley-eyed squid-head spoke clearly of spiritual attack, but the beads, the beads…

          "I was afraid, yet strangely drawn…"

          1. "So what do I have to do to get those beads? Show my tits?"

            "Well… what?"

            "Let this squid suck on your head."
            "On my head?"
            "Yes. For a bit."


          2. "For a bit." That's what sold it. Clearly the speaker has been studying the pamphlet, Engaging Human Females in Hypnotic Pre-Consumption Banter.

          3. Can you confirm or deny that the present administration's policy is "Brains are for suckers"?

          4. That's probably the best euphemism I've ever heard for picking Snowbilly as his running mate.

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