42 thoughts on “Fatbergs part 3: The Fattening

    1. Probably not required, if no-one has shrieked at me for doing it all the time…….I guess it's not that big an issue.

          1. Back when I worked in a darkroom, I'd always cut developed 35mm film with my left hand, moving the strip from right to left. It just made sense.

    2. Although, I guess it's a courtesy or we'll spend a lot of time and google searches looking for the connection between a comment and the post.

        1. Better that a friend tells you.

          OMFG- that guy- he's such a ball buster. I watched about the first 5 minutes. Just like my sister's church…uh, when I went to it, my first and last time, about 30 years ago. Basically a textual deconstruction of whatever inane point he wants to make. God clearly shows his love through a preacher who scolds his flock for not memorizing his last boring book explaining his POV on the bibble. What an inspired, passionate leader. *oukes*

      1. From the comments:
        "Think a little bit. What "holy book" would ever say that there would NOT be those who do not believe? Seriously. You're using the fact that there are those who disagree with you as evidence that you are right! Only religion is that stupid

        You'll never hear any scientific discussion go like that."

    1. I know, that's too fucking funny. Our Dear Leader™ taking that IQ test would only confirm Dunning- Kruger in the biggest way.

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