10 thoughts on ““More pavement” is the answer to all questions.

  1. This reminds me of when I drove across Mexico in the summer of 1991. The highway would turn from dirty asphalt to asphalty dirt at the road edge. No reflective anything. Pretty much impossible to drive at night and see where the road edge was. I tried it for an hour or so, but the only way I could keep my position on the road when there was an oncoming car was to judge where the road was from the position of his headlights- and I hoped he wasn't doing the same thing. I saw *one* road crew on my entire drive back and forth across Mexico. They poured asphalt and gravel into potholes and let people drive over them to flatten it out.

    1. My grandfather retired in Guadalajara in the '60s and used to drive all over Mexico. He said the other drivers turned off their lights at night to save gas except when another car was coming, and that there were lots of one-lane bridges on two-lane roads. Happy motoring!

      1. Guadalajara was the only city I went through that reminded me of a typical Spanish city (I was in Spain in 1977). Didn't go through Mexico City, though. I got rear ended on my way back through Guadalajara, pulled over, and the other driver booked. I hopped back in and tried to chase him through the back streets, but he lost me. Grr…

        1. Well I've never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music.

          Loved Guadalajara, though. In the room (Hotel del Bosque) they had posted some quaint laws we tourists were cautioned to be aware of, such as women couldn't wear shorts or halter tops in public. Went back to the coast ASAP, where such customs weren't adhered to.

    2. I saw the same crew at the same location doing just that two years in a row. Somewhere just north of Mazatlan on MX Hwy 15, I think it was.

  2. Switzerland drives on the right side of the road. The Post Buses were right hand drive so that the driver could always look out of the window to see how close the wheels were to the unfenced drop.

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