13 thoughts on ““…but not a drop to drink.”

  1. There are reports of residents obtaining, or trying to obtain, drinking water from wells at hazardous waste 'Superfund' sites in Puerto Rico," the agency said in its latest hurricane response report. "EPA advises against tampering with sealed and locked wells or drinking from these wells, as it may be dangerous to people's health.

    You guys may be dying of thirst, but don't fuck around with our wells, mkay?

  2. Americans, who happen to live on the island of Puerto Rico, are living in such extreme conditions of deprivation that they're breaking into contaminated groundwater monitoring wells just to stay alive.

    In addition, | the death toll is far higher and the situation is far more dire | than Donald's FEMA fixer's rosy scenario video portrayed. They're staring right at a massive public health catastrophe – if they don't have one already – that won't be papered over with dismissive tweets, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders' lies or slick video productions.

    During the Reagan and Bush administrations, I got used to dealing with a disinterested and barely competent Federal emergency response, because Republicans in general don't like or trust government to do much of anything so they staff these agencies with disinterested and barely competent people. This is the first time I can remember seeing an actively hostile Federal response. It comes right from the top.

    1. Hey, remember several years ago the militia folks were talking "second amendment solutions" and violent revolution because the black guy in the White House had the gall to try to get affordable health care for everyone?

      Yeah, good times.

      1. enough of this nanny state shit! I say next we should shut down any federal irrigation infrastructure! I'm sure all those self-made, rugged ranchers will do just fine on their own!

    1. How many Puerto Ricans do you think work in Donald's resort's kitchens, and what do you think they'll be doing to his food?

      EDIT: You know Manhattan's pretty white (65.2% of the population), but hey, guess Who Else lives there?
      From Wikipedia:
      According to 2012 Census estimates … 25.8% of Manhattan's population was of Hispanic or Latino origin

      Donald's going to have one helluva homecoming after he quits/gets fired and after he kicks he better be buried in a secret secure cemetery.

    1. I worked for a company that did cutting edge osmosis stuff for the army…I'm glad I've gotten back to moving electrons as well as ions.

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