12 thoughts on “Far-Right Party to Join Government in Austria

    1. We are so fucked up we don't even have trains. We have hoohaws over forcing blackie to stand at attention during sports ball games. Remember when the Republican governors undermined Obama's plan for high speed rails? >95% of Americans have forgotten about that one.

          1. Interesting, all the deleted accounts. Only one I could identify was that gal Barb from New Mexico. She became quite disagreeable, though I can't recall exactly how. I think I remember her and Extemporanus going toe to toe over something she posted.

          2. I missed the main event, but I saw some of the aftermath. Apparently he outed her for something or other and she left in a huff. He got banhammered temporarily, but Editrix let him back in after an appropriate amount of contrition. I miss that guy, funnier than hell.

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