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Don’t use Facebook? Not to worry: they know all about you and provide your info to everybody anyway. You’re welcome!

16 thoughts on “Don’t use Facebook? Not to worry: they know all about you and provide your info to everybody anyway. You’re welcome!

  1. Facebook has shadow profiles on people who don't use the service. For example, even though I'm not a Facebook user, multiple people have uploaded their address books containing my email and phone number to the system, allowing Facebook to create a profile of my contacts by looking at who lists me as a contact.

    What if you don’t like Facebook having this data about you? All you need to do is find every person who’s ever gotten your contact information and uploaded it to Facebook, and then ask them one by one to go to Facebook’s contact management page and delete it.

    Just don’t miss anyone. “Once a contact is deleted, we remove it from our system—but of course it is possible that the same contact has been uploaded by someone else,” Steinfeld wrote in an email.

  2. "People You May Know" system, which has caused consternation among users by making seemingly impossible (and often disturbing) connections, such as "A woman whose father left her family when she was six years old—and saw his then-mistress suggested to her as a Facebook friend 40 years later."

    Good. Fucking. God.

      1. Works for me. Also NadGlockPulse and HTTPS Everywhere and the Opera browser. I'm hanging on to the illusion that I still have some privacy for as long as I can.

  3. I resisted faceborg for years, but a dear old friend with a TBI only communicated through it, so I reluctantly signed up. Now I have been assimilated. GAH!

      1. Also and too, LinkedIn is mostly for grad students and post docs, and mostly in foreign lands, to ask those whose ink has dried on the parchment to blow-off copyright issues and send them a pdf copy of every paper you ever wrote anywhere at any time. Because since the ink has dried all you do is sit around all day watching spiders walk the walls and ceilings.

      2. I'm there too, for whatever reason. Some of my engineering colleagues thought I should, given my (former) management positions. Since I retired, I never even look at it, and I can't recall my password so I can't even delete my account.

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