13 thoughts on “OH YEAH!

  1. I think how I felt one year ago, & pretty much everyday since. Except for the Women's March & McCain's vote. But now some air, albeit not much. The GOP still trying to give their greedy overlords a windfall bonanza at the price of trillions away from healthcare and towards debt.

  2. I have a couple of very red relatives in Virginny, but some very blue friends as well. In that Virginia is a purple state these days, leaning blue, it's very encouraging.

    1. From yet another visit to Trump Country, this time in |Po'o|

      This reality ought to get the attention of anyone who thinks they will win in 2018 or 2020 by running against Trump’s record. His supporters here, it turns out, are energized by his bombast and his animus more than any actual accomplishments. For them, it’s evidently not what he’s doing so much as it is the people he’s fighting. Trump is simply and unceasingly angry on their behalf, battling the people who vex them the worst—“obstructionist” Democrats, uncooperative establishment Republicans, the media, Black Lives Matter protesters and NFL players (boy oh boy do they hate kneeling NFL players) whom they see as ungrateful, disrespectful millionaires.

      1. I could see that. I think one thing they've unleashed, however, is getting the other side so mad they're going to be overwhelmed at the polls next time around. Trump & Co. won by a hair. They won't be able to sneak it by next time.

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