White House chefs fail to successfully replicate McDonald’s fare. Sad!

56 thoughts on “White House chefs fail to successfully replicate McDonald’s fare. Sad!

  1. lol on one of the other articles there one of the idiot commenters said Trump's burger in Japan made Trump look good because his meal cost taxpayers less than Obama's. Head, meet desk.

    1. Can you imagine how humiliating it must be for a professional chef at the pinnacle of his career to be directed to simulate a gross mass-produced beef-lung sandwich?

      You'd think he'd quit.

      Then again you'd think Pompeo would quit as head of CIA after tRump dissed his agency's findings.

  2. He asked them to replicate that "apple pie"? Ugh- I never had one. Seeing what they looked like was enough of an abomination.

          1. I only bake pies from my own apple trees, which haven't produced fruit for the last two years. The only pie I get is when my neighbor bakes me one, and I don't get to be choosy.

    1. HAH!!! Will come out of semi sportsfan-retirement to say ,"HAH mutherfuckers!!"

      R.‏ @gullyblanchard

      Notre Dame gotta accept an invitation to the Papa Johns All Lives Matter bowl now

    1. Actually in one account the ex-bodyguard Keith Schiller was dispatched to the nearest golden-arches outlet to secure something that would please America's cultural and spiritual leader, Donald J Trump.

    1. At a minimum, you should be prepared to participate in songs like these:

      1. Piano man
      2. Crocodile Rock
      3. American Pie
      4. Sweet Caroline….

      ….There is no pay for this gig, however, you are welcome to bring your family to attend the show as our guests— and they should love it, because it's so very different from all the other gigs you do.

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