12 thoughts on “Ryan Air: the Über of Airlines

  1. Ryanair controls its expenses by using a mix of full-time employees and self-employed pilots recruited through outside agencies. It also issues Irish work contracts to cabin crew and senior pilots around Europe, arguing that they work in Irish-registered aircraft and not in the countries where they are based.

    The approach helps Ryanair sidestep labor regulations and high social security taxes in many of the 33 countries where it operates, making its labor costs among the lowest in the European industry. Those costs run around 2 euros per employee per hour flown — less than half the costs of two rivals, easyJet and Norwegian Air.

    1. WTF is up with that bump or curve or whatever TF that is between the legs? I get how narrowing the seat width saves them money, but how the hell does that obstacle to crossing one's legs help FFS?

  2. Ryanair has vowed not to meet with or recognize any union. Its concern is that rivals are capitalizing on the flight cancellation episode to organize Ryanair’s pilots and crew members — a move that analysts say would hurt the company’s advantage in low labor costs.

    They think labor organizers are secretly employed by business rivals now?

    <img src="https://31.media.tumblr.com/2ae8f8fb8875d3a662b5ecd6cfcc6131/tumblr_inline_nh94co8dZl1s79qta.gif"&gt;

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