41 thoughts on “Sorry – The App.

  1. So basically, this is an app that lets you steal prewritten apologies that have been reviewed and rated, to plagiarize when you get caught doing something bad.

      1. Yeah, dunno if that's what ZD was looking for…….that one looked kinda familiar, all those manuscripts look the same…….

    1. Close! Brute force search to the rescue. And I had the century wrong, no wonder you couldn't find it.

      10 weeks ago @ Wonkville – The French Yellow Book… · 17 replies · +6 points
      The archive conveniently stops just before the formation of the Vichy government.

      But following the links, I found this, in the "16th Century" section

      1. The Sun and Internal Heat do Separate, as it were by Distillation, the best juices and Substances in the Bowels of the Earth; which being percolated into proper Veins and Mines, and there congeal'd, grown solid, and ripen'd, they are in time made Metals

      -A Discourse Upon Coins by Bernardo Davanzati, Being publickly spoken in the Academy there, Anno 1588

        1. Isn't that Zinke's domain?

          Perry's Deputy came to speak to us at work, room full of dagger-eyed scientists greeted him. He gave sly coded assurances that actual work would continue, with funding, and he even mentioned the PR power grid project specifically.

          1. I'm getting a lot of isolated reports that people with brains are doing their best to gum up the works of the trump machine. Deep state, indeed. Pruitt worries me the most of the bunch.

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