8 thoughts on “Got waste?

  1. park and soccer field near me used to be a dump 30 years ago- but nothing shows up. Perhaps just junk and not toxic crap?

    Edit: I am pleasantly surprised that my current location and surroundings look clean, as does Piscataway Township and Toms River- I know 40 years ago Toms River, not so much. Here's hoping C_R's old stomping grounds were clear.

    1. fortunately, many of the ones around me are listed as 'cleaned up'. There was a serious scandal here decades ago about toxins from the old Hughes plant leaching into the groundwater- huge problem with Trichlorethylene

  2. Dida think having a world-wide military empire would incur no consequences?

    These programs have been going on for years, at enormous expense, under many acronyms (CERCLA, RCRA, etc) and may never be completed.

    Interesting to plug Hawaii into the search box there and see all the nasty stuff that's been buried but not forgotten there. Kahoʻolawe, the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands, was long known as "Target Island" and used for that purpose by the Navy and others. It has lots and lots of unexploded ordnance, which is in many ways the scariest hazard of all…The shells and bombs are beautifully crafted to be stored in warehouses for years and years and so don't lose their potency if fired but unexploded. One contractor (Parsons) spent 200,000,000 of your dollars on Kahoʻolawe and got nowhere near cleaning it up. Part of the enormous expense was that there was no safe place on the island for workers to spend the night, so they had to be ferried in every morning and back every night.

    The final solution (just as with many of our recent "wildlife refuges") was to turn the whole mess over to the Hawaiian natives to use for ceremonial purposes. You're welcome!

    The most populous island, Oahu, got more than its fair share, of course: <img src="http://i68.tinypic.com/azfp02.jpg"&gt;

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