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  1. At least 150 structures — including at least one large apartment complex and the Vista Del Mar Hospital, a psychiatric facility— were consumed by flames, and many more were threatened.
    But the destruction appears to be much worse as the sun rose Tuesday, revealing fire sweeping through whole neighborhoods in the hills above Ventura.

    This is horrific. Please stay safe everyone, and good luck.

      1. It's part of the weather package of california. This is the time of year for the Santa Anas/Diablo winds(because they are part of a monsoon!). The stuff in Santa Rosa in Oct also had some freak wind gusts at ridge peaks, dunno if they have a culprit with downed power lines yet.

        I'm getting two big ass cypress trees taken down in my yard this weekend. They are non-native, grow like weeds, and are now in violation of fire codes here, they can't extend closer than 3 meters away from my house (defensible space). Trimming cypress doesn't work well, they'll just die. I'm slowly losing the non natives in my yard and replacing with…redwoods. They can handle almost anything here. Funny about how the natives can handle the weather here. Even fires often can't take out redwoods.

      1. Way too close, I think. There were widespread area power outages due to the winds *before* the fires kicked in so we may not hear anything for a long while.

        That Gold Creek fire is new and it's already 4000 acres? Holyshit.

      2. CA Fire Scanner
        1 minute ago

        #CreekFire – The fire has now jumped the 210 Fwy to the south burning into the wash near Wentworth St, the spot is well established. Any available aircraft requested to prevent it crossing Wentworth St.

        -From the map it seems like if it crosses that street it's into populated areas.

  2. Winds up here in SF Bay were strong and dry yesterday from the northeast- we had a peak gust of 42 MPH at my place, 80 MPH on Mt. Diablo. Dewpoints are around -6C, pretty dry. Temps are around 10C, the ground isn't dry, not exactly fire weather here. Winds so far this morning haven't gusted above 20 mph.

    Good luck, So Cal. Fuuuuuuccccckkk.

  3. …McCleery took comfort that the fire had one more hill it would have to burn before reaching their neighborhood. Nevertheless, many wondered when it would be time to leave.

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