20 thoughts on “Krugman Nails It

  1. This one packs the same punch that I've carried since '04 or so: Never, ever, forget the primary purpose of the Republican Party: Cut taxes on the rich!

    1. Sir: I agree with your comment. If that's the gist of Krugman's column, I'll avoid clicking the linky and getting more upset.

    2. I had an exchange with my sister someone who shall be nameless in NJ about how low the tuition was at the CC here, and got the reply "the taxpayers pay for it". I said "I'd rather low tuition for CCs than free room and board for prisons paid for by taxpayers".

      How the fuck low tuition at a CC subsidized by taxpayer's money is seen as a problem pains me greatly. IIRC, this person I was having the conversation with got her nursing degree from Union County College.

  2. Trump has exceeded everyone’s worst expectations, yet Republicans, far from cutting him loose, are tying themselves even more closely to his fate. Why?

    The answer, I’d argue, is that they’re stuck. They knowingly made a deal with the devil, and can’t back out.

    More specifically, Trump’s very awfulness means that if he falls, the whole party will fall with him. Republicans could conceivably distance themselves from a president who turned out to be a bad manager, or even one who turned out to have engaged in small-time corruption. But when the corruption is big time, and it’s combined with obstruction of justice and collaboration with Putin, nobody will notice which Republicans were a bit less involved, a bit less obsequious, than others. If Trump sinks, he’ll create a vortex that sucks down everyone involved.

    <img src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Vpl8s8TnmIY/hqdefault.jpg"&gt;

    1. 70% of America can no longer stand on the sidelines. Knock on doors. Grassroots over money. Truth and science over propaganda.

    1. Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says Trump's obsession with muscle jobs is shortsighted. Stiglitz is advocating for totally transforming what these towns are known for, taking them from blue collar to green collar — or even high-tech hoodie. Stiglitz points to Pittsburgh as the true American success story, a place that evolved from a steel city into a tech and health-care hub.

      “We need a lot more Pittsburghs,” Stiglitz told The Washington Post in an interview in December. “I'm optimistic about the ability of cities to rejuvenate.”

      But Pittsburgh can go only so far as a model for other places in the Rust Belt. It's not a small town, and it has benefited from a lot of private money from universities and billion-dollar organizations such as the Heinz Endowments and Pittsburgh Foundation, which has been around since 1945. Few small towns have those kinds of resources, meaning they will probably be much more dependent on some government help.

      Well, I'm sure Donald will come to the rescue of not-Allegheny County Western PA soon…

      …OK, this bitter laugh is getting old FFS.

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