25 thoughts on “America Is So Very Proud of Its Ignorance

    1. seen on internet:

      "Once I read 'very stable genius', I read the entire tweet sequence in the voice of the Budweiser Real Men of Genius ad.

      The walls must be closing in."

          1. I know the kings of England from the covers of Time Magazine,
            And from fake pics hung at my golf course just outside of Aberdeen.

          2. For my military knowledge, though I'm plucky and adventury,
            Has only been avoided through deferments and bone -spurrury
            But still, in matters heinous, odious and ridiculous,
            I am the very model of a very stable genius.

  1. Based on Lot's 'shorter' I think I saw that earlier this morn.
    Was still on first cuppa, so when I tried to face-palm, I missed.

  2. Only one in six could identify Ukraine on a map; the median response was off by about 1,800 miles. But this lack of knowledge did not stop people from expressing pointed views. In fact, the respondents favored intervention in direct proportion to their ignorance. Put another way, the people who thought Ukraine was located in Latin America or Australia were the most enthusiastic about using military force there.

    Oh, for fuck's sake. More so.

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