34 thoughts on “Gentleman Escorted Out

    1. "Highly suspicious name of that producer" is undoubtedly a comment on that thread if one were to read down far enough.

      1. 40 mm of rain here today and counting. Power lines down, drainage issues…morons in gray cars driving through fog and rain with no lights on, the usual.

        1. We're going to get to 60 degrees with rain.

          Then it changes to snow and we could get like half a foot or more.

          1. pressure dropping like a rock, from 1023 mb to 1004 and falling over the last 48 hours here, still dropping fast

          2. I had to turn on my wipers for a few minutes. On intermittent. I almost didn't see the cop with the radar gun.

  1. "Jake, what I care about is having three minutes to tell the truth about the president of the United States."

    Suggested answers:

    (1) "The advertising sales department is on the 29th floor, Mr Miller."

    (2) "The truth is out there."

    (3) "You and the truth have at best only a passing acquaintance."

    (4) "________________

  2. He should be banned from everything. I'm guessing, even though he's only 32(!), he's been "escorted" from hundreds of establishments, including his mother's womb three months early (allegedly). "Get this little shit out of me, now!" (Allegedly.)

  3. Driftglass on another segment with a different shill…

    I'm not saying that any responsible journalist would have put a boot on Mr. Caputo's throat and force-fed him a sample platter of the wingnut racist agitprop until he shit Confederate flags. I am saying that it would have made for some damn fine teevee.

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