40 thoughts on “Breitbart Drops Bannon – Boom

  1. Pity Bannon's non-apologetic apology wasn't accepted by Ms Mercer and her |model-railroader| pappy.

    I Twitteristi are saying Breitbart's "earnings" were $1.5M/yr. Bannon probably makes more than that on "Seinfeld" royalties.

    1. "A minute later, Three White Cartoon Clowns chopped off each other's limbs to the accompaniment of immense incoming tides of laughter. Two minutes more and the room whipped out of town to the jet cars wildly circling an arena, bashing and backing up and bashing each other again. Montag saw a number of bodies fly in the air."

  2. His subsequent attempt to take on the Republican establishment suffered a severe blow when Roy Moore, the Senate candidate he championed in a special election in Alabama child-molester and Klansman, lost to a Democrat

  3. Let's not forget one THREE BILLION reasons the Mercers are siding with swindler boy. That's roughly how many dollars they have contested with the IRS.

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