15 thoughts on ““You Can Now Ask Alexa to Flush”

  1. Beyond flushing, you can ask Amazon’s Alexa (as well as Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri) to lift the seat or activate your favorite bidet spray configuration. (. . . ) There’s no microphone on the toilet itself, but there are speakers to play your favorite tunes.

    A toilet with mechanical and hydraulic features and speakers that's connected to web based AI. HAHA if I were a 20 year old Internet prankster I'd crack right into this, make it flush all night long and play laugh tracks every time it's used What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Then the Chiefs of Staff would be called in for a kitteh in the room, and.. bwow wow! Too Many Generals!! (A new 1986 sitcom nestled between Small Wonder and my personal pain for the entire fucking nation.)
      Soundtrack by Henry Mancini.

      1. You appear to be out of TP. With one click ordering you can have a roll there in hours!

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  2. (What's the thing? That Silicon Valley creates shit that they can't do efficiently or can't make their parents do for them?)

    Dude, flush the shit that came out of your own ass Yourself. You may feel a sense of pride. You may get a motherfucking mind-trophy. Just try it.

    (App of the Future: iPhone Bidet)

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