Treat ‘Mental Health’ Talk Against Trump Like The Coup Attempt It Is

29 thoughts on “Treat ‘Mental Health’ Talk Against Trump Like The Coup Attempt It Is

  1. OK. I made it to the sixth graf,

    ….attempts to delegitimize Trump’s election by blaming “fake news”…

    bye, bye…….

          1. Unscrupulous people would take selected sentences out of context to make it seem like she had, then call down the loonies……………

          2. Speaking of which, do not read Ann Coulter's "thoughts" on DACA right before bed, or on an empty or full stomach.

          3. If I had to make a list of 10 people just to ignore at all costs, I'm pretty sure Ann Coulter would make the list.

  2. Talk of mental health and a 25th Amendment removal, “by force if necessary,” is talk of a coup, just as it was in the TV show “24.” Responsible parties should consider how this is perceived by the part of the electorate they rarely speak to and cease.

    [I'll take that bet, thanks].

      1. “They smell death around them, and if that death is of their own type, they want out of there,” said Dr. Kubanek.

        It's like a window into the lives of the White House Staff now.

    1. I'm in a weird spot. I want CA to get a break from all that rain but I know that moisture's just going to come over here and cause an icy then snowy mess.

    2. “There are four seasons in California — drought, followed by fire, followed by floods, followed by mudslides,” he said. “That’s the normal sequence that we live with, unfortunately.”

      Fuckety fuck fuck.

      1. There's an awful lot of schadenfreude reporting about natural disasters in California. Just sayin.

        It rained here for a coupla days, now it's nice.

  3. He's acting like my grandpa did when he started losing his mind except my grandpa wasn't evil. He definitely has some mental issues and it still amazes me that the right can't see that.

    1. There are certain gerontocratic issues that begin to worry me. Yesterday when they were doing a walking interview w/Diane Feinstein she seemed out of breath the whole time, which isn't surprising when you consider she's eight-four years old and planning to run for re-election.

      I'm an Old and I don't want to be governed by Olds. I want Youngs, like Obama.

      Well really I just want Obama back.

  4. Is it bad that I didn't even bother with this and just dismissed the whole thing as outright lunacy because I saw it was a link to "The Federalist?"

    Chas, once again going where angels fear to tread.

    1. Chascates does travel in some weird and terrible places so that we don't have to. He needs a medal, or danger pay, or some kind of chelating compound to remove all the heavy Wingnut toxins from his brain.

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