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AZ GOPers vote to further perfect their democracy by repealing the 17th Amendment

8 thoughts on “AZ GOPers vote to further perfect their democracy by repealing the 17th Amendment

    1. Since senators are elected on a statewide popular vote, the legi can't ratfuck 'em. This minor, merely technical change will allow that.

      1. Speaking of which, if you want to get your blood boiling, read the chapter on Arizona in the book Ratfucked. God damn Repubs can't stand anything approaching a fair playing field FFS.

        1. The whole book nearly gave me a coronary, particularly at the end when the author confronts the originator of all this GIS-based gerrymandering and asks him, "Are you proud of what you've done?" and the guy says, "Well, they could have done it too."

          This is a good one too: <img src=""&gt; Despite the somewhat over-dramatic title, it's a very readable history of the ideology behind the Koch bro/Ryan ultra-libertarianism, and how they've bought up whole university economics departments to foster it.

  1. “I’ve called a number of times to try and get help,” Rep. Mark Finchem, R-Oro Valley, told his colleagues on the House Federalism, Property Rights and Public Policy Committee. “I don’t even get a secretary. I get a voicemail that says, ‘We are currently not taking any more messages.’”

    And making them even further removed from being held accountable by the general public would help because…?


  2. "There is one saving grace. If the Legislature approves it, it’ll have to go on the November ballot, giving voters the final say on whether they want to give up their rights."

    Even I have more faith in AZ voters than that.

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