7 thoughts on “Vomit McFuckface Spazzes Out on the Twitterz

  1. Had to tweet because he couldn't play golf in honor of the 17 dead high school students, although he did manage to attend a garish"Studio 54-style disco party" at his shitty hotel. Dya suppose everyone did multiple lines of coke in the bathroom, Studio 54-style?

  2. From the email I just got from Adam (no, not a personal one–I can't claim to know him that well):

    In the midst of so many deeply troubling issues our country is facing right now, whether it’s the desperate need for action on gun violence or a solution to protect young DREAMers from deportation, the President of the United States instead decided to spend his Sunday morning tweeting multiple attacks at me — for a third time. Seriously?

    He continued to tweet throughout the morning attacking the FBI (what else is new) and misrepresenting my views. I suppose I should feel flattered that he spends so much time fixated on my work, but his playground antics are so demeaning to the office of the Presidency. When will he learn that there is nothing he can do or say that will deter me from fighting for truth and accountability?

    tl;sr: Thanks, Adam!

  3. Sooo… While working today I listened to a bit of Diane Rehm's latest podcast thing, specifically:

    in which she talked to David Cay Johnston about his book on Trump and how we're all going to hell in a handbasket, and he predicted that an impeached Trump will not go away quietly, instead spending time and energy going around the country to talk at the ~30% that support him no matter what and incite them to violence.

    And it occurs to me that even if he survives long enough to lose the 2020 election he still won't go away quietly and still would excoriate the MAGA Brigade to use their clung-to gunz on all those ill eagle voters that clearly stole the election, before the Deep State sends out their black helicopters to disarm them.

    Sooooo… I'll be spending my day off tomorrow binging on an adventure-RPG and/or trying to teach myself about Chebyshev* polynomials, and generally trying to avoid that particular line of thought.

    *(A fun name to say out loud)

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