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  1. JESUS!

    <img src="https://vigilantcitizen.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/sweetjesus4-e1517259448985.jpg"&gt;

    Christian groups are calling for a boycott of Sweet Jesus ice cream — a Canadian company that established its first and so far only U.S. location at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport — because of what they consider “satanic” branding and advertising.

    Imma run out to BWI right now because if I'm goin' to Hell I'm gettin' Ice Cream on the way.

    One of the loudest voices in opposition to the brand has been that of the New York City-based Catholic League, a group that calls itself a watchdog agency and defender of the civil rights of Catholics.

    Let us all remember that "The Catholic League" is basically Bill Donohue and a couple of interns trolling the Internet for rage porn all day long.

    It wasn't until Donohue was made aware of the company’s use of the lightning bolt — a symbol Donohue said was used by Hitler’s elite — and the inverted cross — a “mockery of the Cross of Jesus Christ,” Donohue said — that the Catholic League called for a boycott.

    Thanks for reminding me to get another bucket of those Blue Oysters on the way home, Bill!

    <img src="https://i.pinimg.com/originals/71/3b/a4/713ba407d197f10e9fbee9e0e4b0b249.jpg"&gt;

      1. Well it feels like that in your belly when you're two hours into your flight in seat 34E and the guy in 34D is asleep and is too big to climb over to get to the restroom.

          1. Officers noted his choice of Halloween costume as well: A trench coat and “piece of cloth that looked like a penis.”

            Costume? What Costume?

    1. My former supervisor would make a mad dash between connecting flights at BWI, no matter what terminal we were in, to the B gates to wait in a 45 minute line for Chipotle Coli . I assume the initials stand for "Burnt Withering Intestines".

  2. "I had one caller ask if we were on the [public] side of security," said the employee, who did not wish to be named out of fear for his safety. "I'm freaking out.”

    Just as Jesus would have wanted. JFC…


          1. Tomorrow, my bride and I are taking our new engineer (from Ohio) to see Ichiro lay down some bunts against his Cleveland Indians. We won the opener last nite 2-1, so at least for one day, we're tied for the best record in baseball. We Mariner fans will take whatever joy we can, what with the longest post-season drought of any major league sportzball team.

          2. Our new engineer did his BS in corrosion engineering at Akron and his MS at Tejas A&M. Our intern for all of last year is finishing up her BS at Akron in rust eng. It falls under Akron's chem eng program. Not P chem, but a start.

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