14 thoughts on “Bluegrass Gospel A Capella

    1. …new baby giraffes running around and a pregnant elephant ready to pop any day.

      It's mating season…
      Ummm…… Mr. Garci………., er…….uhhhhh…..

    2. One year as a kid we had a fambly membership to the SF Zoological Society, which included free entry during normal hours, but also a monthly behind-the-scenes night tour. Sometimes it was getting to feed the lions, sometimes it was animal pr0n. Primates are nasty.

  1. Seriously, plane-wing chorus line dancing is terribly dangerous. What are these vintage movie actresses thinking?

  2. O the humanity!

    Fadulu: Were there any periods of frustration or annoyance? Did you ever fight against the tasks?

    Jamison: While working at Gap and at Jamba Juice, I did start to feel bored. There was a maddening element of standing on a Gap sales floor for 10 hours folding sweaters, listening to the same looping holiday-music soundtrack. Maddening in the sense there was an extreme tedium to it. I wanted very much to think of myself as someone who would see it through.

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