1. Hi, sorry I haven't been on but Wonkville has been very hard to connect to and I haven't been trying too often because of that.

    I'm also going on a trip next week so this return will be kind of short-lived (until early June, at least)

      1. It's definitely not just you. My internet's been better than normal on basically every other site I go to!

        1. Wonkville's always been a backwater town, but now the one paved road is littered with broken glass and frogs, and the old covered bridge is out.

        2. WV has been slow for me too, for the last few weeks (?). Maybe I should ask Shy after throwing him and Trix some munnies.

          WV seems to load faster when I'm on the road on my phone. Anyone else?

  2. I luvs frogs too. We have had a lot of noisy spring peepers here the last couple of years when I'm out with my 'scope. Love the company.

    1. Yeah, besides the gag that is Infrastructure Week, we need some kind of tag or fanfare to play/show whenever it's mentioned.

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