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Today In Another Person Watching Stuff So We Don’t Have To.

29 thoughts on “Today In Another Person Watching Stuff So We Don’t Have To.

  1. The Associated Press
    Verified account @AP
    BREAKING: Pompeo: US to assist North Korea with its economy if it gets rid of nuclear weapons.

    Seth Masket
    ‏Verified account @smotus
    13h13 hours ago

    That’s the deal we just tore up with Iran, btw.

    1. Iran: oil-rich nation with a rich history, other valuable natural resources, spectacular scenery and historic cities, airports, factories, etc.

      DPRK: shithole country whose principle exports are refugees and simple iron garden tools

      Looks like we picked the winner!

    1. Sarah had her knickers in a twist over some tRumpette leaking Sadler's bitching about McCain not supporting torture since it didn't matter "because he's dying anyway." Sanders was pissed about the leak, not the shitty statement. So very many assholes in this Administration.

      1. I wasted 12 hours trying to smoke a sirloin butt yesterday. The wind picked up out of the north and I just couldn't keep the temperature up. Fine smokey flavor, just…raw. I sawed off a steak and threw it on the gas grill to finish it. Eating dinner at 10:00 isn't ideal, I've found.

          1. Having tried teaching a few times, I came to respect the profession. Knowing something doesn't mean you know how to teach it others.

            Just ask all my gym teachers if you don't believe it.

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