10 thoughts on “JFC, ‘Tosa

  1. 'Tosa's full of racist white folks, the children & grandchildren of white Milwaukeeans who fled the city during the white flight days. It's almost as bad as 'Stallis. (West Allis)

    1. I attended McKinley Elementary in Tosa 'til 6th grade, when my forks moved to whiter still Brookfield. When a black family moved in about a block away, one of the 'adults' in the neighborhood went around on Halloween in blackface, grass skirt, and soup bones around his neck. I was only in the ninth grade, but recognized adults could be even bigger assholes than kids.

    1. I was 12. I saw the helicopter and raging inferno on the local news. (That footage of Osage is burned into my brain.) If you'd like to revisit it, there's a great documentary:
      |Let the Fire Burn|.
      No interviews, just footage. It's very powerful.

      (Don't get me started on MOVE.) One name that stands out:

      |James Berghaier..| He became known as "Jimmy the Broom" because he was so affected by what he'd witnessed.

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