So Which Douche Will tRump Choose to Bless the USA Jerusalem Embassy?

50 thoughts on “So Which Douche Will tRump Choose to Bless the USA Jerusalem Embassy?

  1. Jeffress, who runs the First Baptist Dallas megachurch in Texas, has referred to both Islam and Mormonism as “a heresy from the pit of hell.” He believes Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, and Buddhism are all cults, and that Catholicism represents the “genius of Satan.” Jews, he believes, are going to hell. “You can’t be saved by being a Jew,” he’s said. Islam, he said, “is a religion that promotes pedophelia, sex with children.” And in a statement sure to please the Israelis, he has compared the treatment of Christians in the United States to the Nazi’s treatment of Jews right before they launched the Final Solution program to exterminate them.

    He seems nice.

      1. It ain't me, Blue. It'd be nice to have gifs in the comments too, but I struggle just to get more than one jpg in a comment to not get quarantined.

          1. I thought the president was aware of my activities, and, through my superiors, had approved.

      1. "I don't want to be saved by your bullshit belief system" is my one size fits all answer to any religion that pisses me off

    1. Sometimes when this has happened to me, I save the image then put the photo up in the aether at a different site (i.e., Cloud, Google) that lets you post photog, then past the link to that new location here. At the front page I can upload directly from from my computer, but not here.

      1. I'm a member of another social site that has some techies on board. We've had mixed results using photobucket again. Worth a try here?

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