20 thoughts on “The Derp State Looks at New Jersey

      1. Also………..

        Replying to @mattyglesias
        Washington did not have 15 trillion dollar debt to take care of. .

        Rev. War debt was kinda huge.

    1. They did a ton of work on Rt 1 between Princeton and New Brunswick from about 1985 to 2000- bought up a lot of land and made a lot of overpasses, and Rt 1 became much more of a freeway. The traffic lights every half a mile were really slowing things down. It got better over those 15 years, not worse. Small victories in commuting…

        1. I got to go to McGuire when I was in AFJROTC in high school, long ago. Lakehurst of course where the Hindenberg went down…never been to Dix.

          Picatinny Arsenal, anyone?

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