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Lifting Oenophile GOPer Candidate for Senate Too Busy to Campaign

35 thoughts on “Lifting Oenophile GOPer Candidate for Senate Too Busy to Campaign

  1. Hawley can’t even go to the gym without being an entitled brat—a source, who sent the Times pictures of Hawley working out, said that “he’s always on the phone” in the weight room, which “pisses people off.”

    What are party stalwarts left to do but chastise Hawley like the disappointed aunts and uncles they are? One county GOP secretary told Politico that he was “very disappointed” that Hawley did not attend the Christian County Lincoln Day Dinner. My man even skipped a GOP Lincoln Day dinner in the county where he lives.

    1. Oh JFC–civilized gyms have a no cell phone use policy FFS. Real gym rats leave their phones in the locker so they can concentrate on our workouts TYVM!

  2. He's white, he's male, he's got a stick up his ass, what else would a republican voter look for in a candidate?

  3. Degrees from Stanford *and* Yale. I bet he's the life of any party- once you get a bottle or two of Pinot into him.

    1. A Korean guy I worked with says the same shit happens every spring. US-SK joint exercises, NK gets all pissy.

    1. I'm in no mood to find it to link to it, but I understand Ann Coulter tweeted "Can we do that on our border?" Asshole.

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