When I Asked About Bus Routes In A Different City In Tennessee, I Was Told That I Was The Wrong Color To Be Concerned

47 thoughts on “When I Asked About Bus Routes In A Different City In Tennessee, I Was Told That I Was The Wrong Color To Be Concerned

  1. And Tweety has The Mooch on his panel discussing the insult cast at McCain maybe not dying soon enough. The fuck!

      1. I'd be OK with that. I've got video of me, lo 27 years ago, in Nashville, on my way to see my first total solar eclipse, en Mexico. We stopped there for gas.

        1. Is that woman wearing a bonnet? Was this the favorite car of Mennonites?

          When was the last time you had 3 people in the front seat of your car?

          1. 305 hp 383 cid in a 4,000-lb car…not sure it could ever approach 150 mph. I might have had it up to 85.

          2. Maybe get it up to 120 on a long straight road? Pump up the tires more, less rolling resistance? What could go wrong?

            Edit: unless it had a 3 speed automatic, in which case, forget it.

          3. See the 5 rhomboidal buttons to the right of the big binnacle? Those were for heating (and maybe A/C, can't recall if the car had it). On the left hand side of the binnacle there was another matching set of 5 buttons for the A/T, which would have been PRNDL, I suppose. Pushbutton transmission—it was the future!

          4. I remember the days of those ridiculously high numbers on a speedo dial. Now I have a car that will exceed the indicated speed by a good 20mph. Good thing we all have a phone with a gps speedometer to know for sure, eh?

    1. Something beautiful about the NWS web site still using Flash.

      52F here, winds from the west at 17 MPH, gusts to 31. Partly cloudy.

  2. O/T but I've been informed that there has been a permit for a TENTH nail salon to open in my neighborhood. WTF? Tell me they're all registered as partnerships…

    1. When Amazon kills off the last retail (except its own ironic bookstores) all that will be left in the Central Business District will be nail salons and hair stylists.

      1. I heard on the radio today that if you're a welder you can get a job tomorrow. Maybe I'll open up a "welded nails" salon.

        1. The business model for so many shopping center owners is to squeeze the tenants until they break. Retail could be viable if not for greed at every level of it.

          1. No kidding. I know more than a few bidnesses in our neighborhood who were squeezed out by greedy landlords. It's The Free Market at work!

  3. I bought a new pair of jogging shorts yesterday from our neighborhood sports store. They have a sign on their door that says "we're not here for you to conduct research before you make an internet purchase". Indeed.

    Also, I'm jogging so much lately one of my toenails is going to come off. Weaksauce to you, but thought I'd share.

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