24 thoughts on “Why Xtians Don’t Give a Crap About the Environment

  1. A small-town newspaper editor with a creationist-leaning philosophy that I knew wrote an editorial in favor of a massive (for us, anyway) development in our tiny community, likening our planet to a tree. The tree lives it's life, then it gets blown over in a mighty storm, decays, and the ants and termites consume it. In his analogy, humans are the ants and termites, obviously. Why bother conserving anything, when destruction is inevitable?

    Also, who is that delightful dancer?

    1. Dunno who she is; found that clip when searching on "Toxic Avenger," which is a apparently a series of tongue-in-cheek low-budget horror movies.

  2. He puts people before the environment, just like God does.

    "If you don't take care of the environment, where the fuck are you going to live FFS?"

    – God

    1. Kid Glass and I were driving through the Malheur Forest in Oregon to see the eclipse last August. He said "malheur" meant "unhappiness" in French. Indeed.

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