39 thoughts on “Florida Monkey

      1. "The likelihood of a Florida resident being seriously injured during an unprovoked alligator attack is about one in 3.2 million, the commission said on its website."

        So she was just lucky, I guess?

        1. 84F feels like 82

          Yes, it just finished. I'm guessing 2-3 thousand in the crowd. Incredibly tight band although many of them appeared too young to have been founding members. Good show.

  1. A few drunk things: First, I saw this on teh local and clickied the linkie and the Flo site was all AD BLOCKEE NO VID so Fine! I linkey to nice AZ site which is prolly gobbling up yr info. Also! I changed the url from autostart=true to autostart-false which is I thin I figured out on my own and, btw, you're welcome.

    Also, too,in addition, can someone please explain the shittastic fuckery Vomit McFuckface caused at the G7?

    Thank you for you

  2. The monkey's owner told WPBF she had left her pet in her parked vehicle, but it somehow managed to escape.

    The owner left the monkey in a car in Florida in June? Yeah, I'll bet that monkey didn't escape to get the fuck out of a hot car and then act out because it was overheated at all…


      1. She has fun playing it, too.

        She also brought out a "dulcinator", a resophonic dulcimer. I can't say what it sounded like, as it was overpowered by the other instruments.

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