How Is That Full Employment From Your Three Jerbs Workin’ For Ya?

46 thoughts on “How Is That Full Employment From Your Three Jerbs Workin’ For Ya?

    1. weejee's joined our legion of those living off the sweat of the brows of others? Well done!

      You workies keep cranking on the Soshecurity and Medicare.

        1. As somebody who's plowed through many an engineering study, I can imagine what it's like to edit a whole journal of them. I'd get a rubber stamp that says "NEEDS MOAR SNARK."

          1. The studies I worked with were perhaps less erudite than those appearing in journals—more in the realm of "how much shit can this STP handle?"—but they always began with three or four paragraphs of throat-clearing and chest-pounding about the importance of low BOD in the effluent or the evils of a too-high power factor, and concluded with 150 pp of field notes photocopied in to lend bulk and credence. Somewhere in the middle was your answer. Good times!

        1. Nobody spends his whole military career in ROK. They rotate back and forth and the families stay home. It's apparently a really lousy place to be stationed.

          1. "Between 1968 and 1973, the population was forcibly removed by the United Kingdom and the United States "
            They We seem nice.

    1. The intervieweeeeeeeeee on Bberg is ' senior economist at Wells Fargo Securities' , so always good to check what they 're saying for truthiness.

      Wonder what Krug has to say.

        1. You mean "re-established in 2018"?

          We used to defraud only unwary externals; then we started defrauding people who willingly came to us for banking services.

          1. I escaped from them a couple of months ago. When I bought this house, I got a mortgage through a nice boutique lender. They sold it to W-F not long after. Not that they treated me badly, or opened any accounts in my name unbeknownst to me, but I just don't like their business practices. I had to wait until I had enough equity to make the maths work, but I finally did it, and it feels good making the payment to my credit union instead of W-F.

          2. Once upon a time I got stuck with an ARM. It was about to re-set upwards, and it was already at 7%. I applied for a refi from some big finance company, and they declined. After soaking me for origination fees and an appraisal. The next month I rolled the dice again, and lo and behold, the same appraisers found another $40K of value, and I got approved. Then that company sold my new mortgage to the same company who refused me the month before. I think it was Nor'west, many moons and many brain cells ago.

    1. This big bidness employee head tax was poorly thought-out measure that Mrs. weejee and I did not support. Big question for the new mayor is will [ Durkin's Dunkirk ] be successful like the WWII version or the start of some serious changes at City Hall.

      / Also and too, is the fact that our State tax structure is forever fucked because there is no income tax, so what is available is heavy to regressive. Adding an income would require a super-majority statewide voter approval, and [ that will never happen. ]

  1. "Would you trust the fate of the wolrd to the fake news liberal establishment? Then why would you trust them to exfoliate yor skin?"

    1. just because we're not a Banana Republic doesn't mean you can't burn!

      True story- back when I worked at Union Carbide we had a co-worker visiting from a Brazil location and we took her to a mall, she asked "what is 'Banana Republic'?". We had trouble stifling a chuckle.

  2. I watched the whole video during commercials. At about 15:00, they tell us how environmentally conscious they are, cleaning the water before reintroducing it to the stream, and hauling the sludge a hundred miles away to "state-approved dumping grounds". That dumping ground? Owens Dry Lake. For fuck's sake.

    1. Scott Pruitt would have asked them if he could bunk in their vacation homes! What's not to love?

      I have a tungsten cube, one inch on a side, nice knick-knack. It weighs about 3/4 of a pound. It makes a great paperweight/stealth weapon. Metal mining, rarely pretty.

      1. That's more of our pollution we've outsourced to China. Their tungsten flooded the market, which is why Carbide's Bishop operation shut down. With the steady increase in fuel prices, I can't imagine how it'll still be more profitable to ship stuff halfway around the world, especially ponderously heavy stuff like metals.

        1. we've become really fucking good at shipping stuff. I wonder how high the price of bunker fuel will have to go before it affects things. Tungsten is on the "try to avoid" list- cobalt, tantalum, gold, and tin, to an extent

          1. In a previous career as a trucker, I marveled at the loads of identical products going in opposite directions. Florida citrus to California, California citrus to Florida. Georgia peaches to California, and vice-versa. Paper from opposite coasts crossing paths in the middle. This is insanity.

  3. IDK about the three jobs, but the one job that is really 1.5 jobs (and cuts into my ability to comment) does help me keep up with the greedy bastard owners of my building who hit me with an unfortunately-legal huge rent increase. My heart goes out to those less fortunate FFS.

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