1. oh MAN. I had followed MLG's posts from time to time, she was one of the really great newcomers to the wktte

    2. Damn it! It was only just in the last year or so his previous wife died. Ms MLG always seemed like a nice gal…

    1. [Just shorts b.c. thread not that exciting ]

      Julian Sanchez
      ‏ @normative

      Man, poor Trump just can’t catch a break. People complain when he recklessly threatens nuclear war AND when he lavishes praise on brutal dictators. Those are the two settings, folks: Fellatio or Armageddon. Pick one.

    2. Chris Hayes
      ‏Verified account @chrislhayes
      5h5 hours ago

      “But if someone other than Trump started a university, you’d say it’s a great idea!”

      Well, yeah.

    1. "I've never seen him so angry- and frankly, sports fans, he used a certain word that's a no-no with umpires"

  1. maybe I'm concussed or something but I feel like if Obama had pulled off a peace summit and some kind of de-escalation agreement we would all have thought it was extremely cool

    Asshole, were you paying attention when your side gave Obama shit after the Iran deal?

    The great joy of this moment is watching in real time the sputtering rage of people with graduate degrees in international relations from Princeton realizing they can maybe could be replaced by Dennis Rodman

    Funny how people who understand how the world works are horrified by the thought that idiots might be put in charge of American foreign policy, isn't it?


    1. “I think our enemies were using that,” he said. He did not give his name.

      the folks with the guns feel threatened. this is going to go well…

      1. Their enemies use that, in the same sense that Pepsi's enemies use their sugar content. To the ones who provide that information it's a feature.

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