44 thoughts on “Four More Kiddos Rescued From Thai Cave!

          1. We could compare and contrast Reg Dwight's and our Dear Leader's lives, but I think I'd get stuck on "contrast"

  1. I'm so glad I ordered something from StewMac
    The spam is like a little preview of the day.

    Perfectly square nuts in seconds!

      1. My parents had this album. I think someone gave it to them. I didn’t understand it but I would still listen to it repeatedly. TBH I don’t think they understood it either. TBH I listened to lots of weird stuff repeatedly.

          1. Oh they dance on hot coals in Calcutta
            In Wisconsin they dance on fresh butta
            Which they squeeze from one cow or anutta
            But the Mexicans dance on their hats

          2. See, this is the first time I have run across other actual humans who listened to Alan Sherman although I know he was hugely popular back in the day.

          3. In my case it was my grandmother who introduced me, the same one who emptied her ashtrays in the streets of the anti-Semitic town.

          1. I don't think any of us would be here today if we hadn't been exposed to Alan Sherman at a young age.

          2. My parents brought home "My Son, the Folksinger" in hopes that it would dis-inspire my older brother, the aspiring folksinger. No such luck, and I got infected too.

          3. Seeing Seeger @ Hopey's 2009 inauguration was a great moment for me.

            ♪♫ In the shadow of the steeple I saw my people,
            By the relief office I seen my people;
            As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking
            Is this land made for you and me?♪♫

          1. A surprise awaits in the holding cell b.c. am back to the old home computer.
            I await your approval

          2. There's a lesson here: don't ever go anywhere. Don't even get up from the computer. You might miss a good tweet.

      1. @pixelatedboat

        Elon Musk: … and this dial here controls the mood lighting, for when I’m having sex with Grimes in the submarine
        Reporter: How will that help free the trapped children?
        Elon Musk: What children?

    1. Honan the Librarian
      Replying to @jrhennessy and @bombsfall
      Wasn't our main contribution thoughting and prayering them out?

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