15 thoughts on “Scary Stuff from a Seemingly Innocuous Commuter College

  1. I read the book this article is based on, and it's very good, not laden w/academic jargon, and frightening. This article gives a nice summary.

    Could these right-wing capitalists allow private companies to fill prisons with helpless citizens—or, more profitable still, right-less undocumented immigrants? They could, and have. Might they engineer a retirement crisis by moving Americans to inadequate 401(k)s? Done. Take away the rights of consumers and workers to bring grievances to court by making them sign forced arbitration agreements? Check. Gut public education to the point where ordinary people have such bleak prospects that they have no energy to fight back? Getting it done.

    Would they even refuse children clean water? Actually, yes.

    MacLean notes that in Flint, Michigan, Americans got a taste of what the emerging oligarchy will look like — it tastes like poisoned water. There, the Koch-funded Mackinac Center pushed for legislation that would allow the governor to take control of communities facing emergency and put unelected managers in charge.

  2. Buchanan’s view of human nature was distinctly dismal. Adam Smith saw human beings as self-interested and hungry for personal power and material comfort, but he also acknowledged social instincts like compassion and fairness. Buchanan, in contrast, insisted that people were primarily driven by venal self-interest. Crediting people with altruism or a desire to serve others was “romantic” fantasy: politicians and government workers were out for themselves, and so, for that matter, were teachers, doctors, and civil rights activists. They wanted to control others and wrest away their resources: “Each person seeks mastery over a world of slaves,” he wrote in his 1975 book, The Limits of Liberty.

    Does that sound like your kindergarten teacher? It did to Buchanan.

    "Oh, for fuck's sake."

    – my kindergarten teacher

  3. Not related to my uncle, the (formerly) worst president in US history. Thankfully. We have enough shame to live down.

          1. That one isn't mine, but a representative sample randomly found on the interwebs. Mine isn't a clip-on, though.

  4. One of the Hair Führers scams:

    It has only become less impressive since closing. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show sent a team to the park this summer to investigate. After five years of neglect, it has deteriorated and become overgrown. The crumbling buildings are covered in graffiti, the paths hidden by brush. It is, in Maddow’s phrase, “an undead zombie park.”

    Donald Trump, for whom the park was named, purchased the property for $2 million in the 1990s, and donated it in 2006. Trump donated the land after he was unable to gain town approvals to develop a private golf course on the property. At the time of its donation, Trump claimed the parcel was worth $100 million. He used the donation as a tax write-off.

  5. Why is Orange McFuckface doing all these sickening rallies? Without this base of useful idiots the GOP and the Swindler can't run their corrupt scam — even if it is heavily funded and based on some rewarmed confederate economic theory. They have to have at least some votes other than the 1%.

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