40 thoughts on “Saturday Break and ‘Hot’ Tip: Stick Your Phone in Babby’s Ass

        1. Thought folks would like that, but if we gave a few with a higher farad rating to some tRumpettes, it could be downright shocking if we charged it sufficiently.

          / rubs hand remembering brushing against a fat cap when changing tubes in an olde teevee

        1. Are you in the Tiny Stegosaurus Stage of Devolving Ass (DA)? We have some Vitamin A Male BootyBoosters for that deflated white midde-aged posterior! Impress neighbors with that new ‘cush’. Wow clients with that confident “Four-hour meeting? Pfft. My ass is prepared.” Call Now: 1-800- ASS-SSSSS. Leave the extra 'S' on, for your new padded, comfortable Sexterior!'*

          *not all clients experience a Sexterior.

          1. If they didn't want you to shove a cellphone up your ass, why do they all have a "vibrate" setting? QED

  1. You take your left shoe off

    You toss your right shoe out

    You put the baby in the back

    And you shake it all about

    You leave the kid curbside

    So you turn the car around

    And pray that no one finds out

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