40 thoughts on “This Missile-Defense Shield Would Be Top Secret, If It Existed

    1. Closer Than We Think showed kids how Americans were going to weaponize the weather through sophisticated weather control programs.

          1. "Wally, if your dumb brother touches those HF transmitter controls again , I'm gonna – oh, good afternoon, Mrs. Cleaver. I was just telling Wallace how pleasant it would be for Theodore to accompany us to the movies."

          2. a). This is what got Newt Gingrich all freaked out and spawned a pocket RW paranoia literature industry.

            b). Don't worry about EMP's. If you've got a nuclear weapon, it's going to be used as – a nuclear weapon. Worry about that.

            c). I just knew HEMP was dangerous.

  1. Heh. Following a series of 6.1+ earthquakes in 1980, they built an escape route for the town of Mammoth Lakes. Great idea, build a nice wide road to get folks the fuck outta town in case of an emergency. Then the Chamber of Commerce latched onto it and named it the "Scenic Loop", ensuring it would be choked with tourists when the big one hits.

    1. There were signs for "Hurricane Evacuation Routes" in Queens, in the vicinity of JFK airport. Good luck getting out of there in a car!

    2. When Mammoth Lakes incorporated, I spearheaded a campaign to get the new Town Council to declare us a nuclear-free zone, which surely would have protected us. I even had an ally on the inside, the Mayor Pro Tem, but he couldn't get it passed. A political body didn't want to do anything that might've been construed as political. It reminded me of "Jaws".

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