21 thoughts on “Gramineae Stays in Ground – Master Farmer

        1. Good. That's one that's likely to be around a long while. I upsampled all mine to dsd and can't say I hear a lot of difference.

          1. All I knew was 'not windows' The audio geek sites agreed on flac, as did vinyl dude, so seemed ok to me.

            Also probably never going to hear these on top notch system anyway.

          2. i'm no huge fan of itunes (it's turned into something way bigger than it started as) but it can do "lossless" 128kb AAC as well. I think it can do others as well.

            If you want something that can play everything (not really manage), there's always VLC

          3. There's AAC ("Advanced Audio Coding, a proprietary audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression") and ALAC (Apple lossless audio codec, which goes up to 384k) and I'm sure I couldn't hear the difference. But since storage is so cheap these days it makes sense to store at a level that preserves all the original content and will be decode-able for the foresee-able future.

            We're geekin' big-time now.

          4. you expanded your original comment better and more correctly than I did. Remind me again what value I bring?

            Also: was in Fremont today getting some parts, and the place I went was by a bunch of tesla buildings, I only saw about 150 teslas, 50 on trucks looking like they were being shipped out.

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