3 thoughts on “Moral Requirement???!!!

  1. Hey, I owe everything to Big Pharma- my parents met because they both worked at the same drug company. USA!!

    (OK, the company was Swiss based)

  2. Mulye compared his decision to increase the price to that of an art dealer who sells "a painting for half a billion dollars" and said he was in "this business to make money."

    As much as I value art…um, no, a work of art =/= a life saving medicine FFS. Go to Wall Street if money is your main motivator, asshole…


  3. This is what happens when man makes god in his own image. You get to define morality on your own terms!
    And fuck CNN's website. The. Worst. The whole world stops while it takes it's time loading a video that I'm not going to watch anyway.

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